What We Do

Summit Property Management Group, located in South Burlington, Vermont, provides rental, leasing, and management services to property owners, investors, financial institutions, and non-profit entities in Vermont, New Hampshire and up-state New York. Since its inception, Summit has primarily focused on independent senior housing and low income housing; however Summit has expertise and experience in the following housing divisions:

  • Senior Housing
  • Affordable Family Housing
  • Section # 8 Project Based and Voucher Assistance
  • Rural Development #515
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects
  • Condominium and Town Home Rentals
  • Apartment Rental

Once we are brought on to manage a property, Summit is prepared and ready to take on management. We will hire the management staff (if need be), train them in our policies and procedures, and develop a property management strategy for that particular property. We understand that every property is unique in where it’s located, its features, and its residents. However, we believe that our overall philosophy has proven successful no matter where you are:

  • 100% occupancy through individual marketing plans and ongoing community outreach
  • Over-the-top effort toward grounds, common areas, and preventative maintenance
  • Strict financial budgeting and accounting
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Well-trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff