Summit Property Management prides itself on being able to provide consistent and superior maintenance management for all its properties. Project appearance, attention to detail, and service request management are key to a successful, thriving property.

Preventative Maintenance: Having an intimate understanding of each property and budgeting for future maintenance costs ensures that your property is protected.  Property owners can be confident that their investment will be regularly monitored for future problems by our qualified maintenance staff. Using our state-of-the art management software program, Summit has developed a Preventative Maintenance Strategy specifically tailored for each property’s individual needs.

Preventative Maintenance Strategy includes:

  • Weekly/monthly checklists
  • Monthly budget meetings to discuss future projects and costs
  • Property Management software to document maintenance projects
  • Annual site walks to uncover potential problems

Routine Maintenance:  Routine maintenance is performed on a weekly and monthly basis to minimize future costly repairs. This work is prompted by the Preventative Maintenance Strategy developed for each individual property and carried out through the expertise of the maintenance staff. Transparency is achieved by documenting all maintenance work for owner review and record.

Routine Maintenance Services include:

  • Exterior Property Appearance: lawn care, landscaping, snowplowing, deicing of sidewalks, exterior building maintenance
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Trash and recycling removal
  • Maintenance Personnel Daily checklist

Tenant Service Calls:  The Tenant Service Request system, implemented through our management software, tracks a request from the time it is reported, to its scheduled start and final completion. This process guarantees a timely response and ensures full accountability for all requests. Summit understands that being responsive and expedient with regard to tenant service requests directly correlates to high occupancy rates and the owner’s bottom line.

Emergency Maintenance:  Property owners can feel assured that maintenance personnel are on call 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, pre-determined, qualified service vendors are in place for immediate response.


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