COVID-19 Updates to Residents

March 30, 2021

Dear Community Member,

Today most of us have had the opportunity to receive the COVID vaccine and are fully vaccinated. That sense of relief and milestone will allow us to reopen in a significant manner. We must also recognize that we have residents, vendors, and staff of our community who are not vaccinated. For their safety we are still asking that everyone follow these two basic guidelines.

  • Mask Wearing: Please continue to always wear your mask while inside all common areas of your community.
  • Common Area gatherings: Starting April 1st gatherings can take place in all the common areas and we ask that you do not exceed the noted maximum capacity level for that area, as well as continue to practice responsible social distancing.


Changes going forward As of April 1st:

  • Outside & Porch gatherings: You may choose to not wear a mask but continue to socially distance yourself in an appropriate manner.
  • Clubs & Activities: Resumption of all these activities with the caveat of following our two basic guidelines. This includes bingo, movie nights, card playing and other activities everyone has had on pause this past year.
  • Meals: We are working with our food vendors to begin to have indoor seating and communal meals together again following State guidelines.
  • Community Offices: We have resumed our normal office ours.

We are continuing to monitor and follow state guidance instructions regarding re-opening and will update our community guidance accordingly. Congratulations and thank you for keeping your community safe this past year.


John Hunt
Director of Property Mgt & Compliance




Community Guidelines

April 2021

Personal Responsibility of Each Community Member:

  1. Mask Wearing: Anytime you leave your apartment we ask that you wear a face mask while you are on your community campus.
  2.  Social Distance: Please continue to maintain the CDC guidance. Allow your fellow residents to get their mail without encroaching on their personal space.
  3. Hand Sanitizing: Please continue to use the stations that we have set up for everyone’s safety.
  • Family Members & Essential Workers:
    • Visitors are welcome to come visit you in your home as well as designated seating areas in the community. Everyone should wear a mask while in common areas.
  • Gatherings:
    • Gatherings continue to be limited to the maximum designated numbers for that common area.
  • Management Office:
    • Your office management team will be more available in person. When the office is open the office door will be open – the office may have a chain across the front entrance. We ask that you respect the boundaries of not entering the office and allow our staff to come greet you.
  • Hair Salons:
    • The salon is open for everyone.
  • Meals:
    • Indoor dining will start up in April.
  • Enhanced Common Area Cleaning:
    • Mailrooms, elevators, laundry rooms, designated seating areas, common area bathrooms and entrances will have additional daily cleanings to eliminate potential transmission of the virus.
  • Self-Quarantine Assistance:
    • Residents who have received both vaccine shots and waited the two-week timeline will not have to self-quarantine. Please reach out to the management office if you are not feeling well so we can provide some support and assistance.



The Team at Summit Properties